Ethics in AI: Our vision, your future

Ethical AI Manifesto

Unveiling the blueprint for responsible technology


In an era where artificial intelligence reshapes our world, true innovation lies in the balance of advancement with conscience. We're pioneering this frontier with a commitment etched in integrity and foresight. This isn't just a document—it's a promise to future generations.


Discover our pledge to Ethical AI

The critical principles guiding ethical AI development.
Our steadfast commitment to data integrity and consent.
Strategies for fostering transparency and trust in AI.
I genuinely believe that Ethical AI, built on a foundation of trustworthy and unbiased data, is one of the key distinguishing pillars for everyone that is concerned with developing Responsible AI.

Daniela Braga, Founder & CEO at

What's Included

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Consent is paramount

Dive into our commitment to ensuring all data used in AI systems is ethically sourced and paid for, with the explicit consent of the creators.

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Fairness as foundation 

Learn about our rigorous standards ensuring dignity and equitable treatment for all data annotators and AI trainers, upholding the highest quality in AI development.

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Security as a staple

Discover our proactive measures to protect data integrity and confidentiality at every stage, setting new industry benchmarks for security.

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Transparency as tradition

Understand our commitment to open and honest communication about our data gathering, model training, and workforce conditions, ensuring accountability and trust.

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